Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Revolution

A very happy 2010 to all!
I came upon this over the holidays and thought it would be a good note on which to start the new year. Hard to follow in everyday life, perhaps, but aren't all resolutions a bit of a challenge?

I honor your gods.
I drink from your well.
I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place.
I hold no cherished outcome.
I will not negotiate by withholding.
I am not subject to disappointment.

Some little things that go a long way: Pat the tethered dog shivering outside the store (if he lets you). Smile at a stranger. Read a poem and say 'thank you' to the poet (who may never know your gratitude). Share a meal. Renew your vows - with everyone who means something to you. And have a wonderful year of further adventures on this special planet.

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